Help our students gain the PittAdvantage!

What is the PittAdvantage?

The PittAdvantage Grant Program provides $1,500 awards to Pitt undergraduates who study abroad, accept unpaid internships, or pursue service learning opportunities. Students are eligible for the grant only after completing Pitt’s Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC), a rigorous program which focuses on areas of personal development, such as leadership, service to others, career preparation, communication skills, and global and cultural awareness.

Why does the PittAdvantage Grant Program need your support?

Without PittAdvantage grants, many students wouldn’t be able to financially afford these experiential learning opportunities, and over the past two years, the number of eligible applicants has outpaced the funding that is currently available. With your help, Pitt wants to support 60 PittAdvantage grants, twice the number of grants awarded to student recipients who benefited from the program in 2016.