Heinz Memorial Chapel Garden and Other Naming Recognition Opportunities

In the same tradition by which the Heinz Memorial Chapel was named for its Heinz family benefactors, donors who support the Heinz Memorial Chapel campaign may also have their name associated with this historic building.

Heinz Memorial Chapel Garden Naming Opportunities

Serenity Garden

Naming OpportunityLevel
Heinz Memorial Chapel Garden$2.5 million
Garden Plots$25,000 - $100,000 each
Stone Benches (25)$10,000 each
Sandstone Pavers (Medium 23" x 41") (80)
$2,500 each
Sandstone Pavers (Edge 18" x 60") (61)
$2,000 each

Other Naming Opportunities

Naming OpportunityLevel
Chapel Altar$1 million
Stained Glass Windows (23)$50,000 - $200,000
Transept Windows$200,000
Chancel Windows$100,000
Choir Windows$100,000
Clerestory Windows$100,000
Aisle Windows$50,000
Gallery Windows$50,000
Narthex Stairway Windows$50,000
Narthex (Chapel entrance)$100,000
Dressing RoomFUNDED
Chapel Pews$5,000 each

Make a Gift

To learn more about making a cash gift, multi-year pledge, or planned gift commitment to the Heinz Memorial Chapel campaign, please contact Joe Junker by email at Jjoe1@pitt.edu or by calling 412-624-8234.