The Importance of Scholarships The Importance of Scholarships

Supporting and creating scholarships impacts our students in meaningful ways. Some of our recent scholarship recipients explain what donor generosity has meant for them. Watch video now.



stained glass detail Lantern Night

Lantern Night is the oldest University of Pittsburgh tradition. During this special evening, Pitt alumnae pass on the "Light of Learning" to Pitt's newest female students. Watch video now.



stained glass detail Heinz Memorial Chapel

The history and architecture of Pitt's nondenominational spiritual center, including a behind-the-scenes look at the 2015 climate control system installation project. Watch video now.



Sara Video My Pitt, Your Pitt, Our Pitt - Sarah

Pitt student, Sarah, talks about the benefit of scholarship support and the importance of giving to Pitt. Watch video now.



KatieMy Pitt, Your Pitt, Our Pitt - Katie

Pitt student, Katie, says financial support makes a huge difference in the lives of students. "It's exciting to see that alumni want to give back to Pitt." Watch video now.