Brackenridge Circle

2013 Brackenridge Circle Recognition Celebration

The University of Pittsburgh welcomed 27 new members to the Brackenridge Circle in an awards ceremony held on November 7, 2013.

About Brackenridge Circle

In 1787 Pitt founder, Hugh Henry Brackenridge, secured state endowments for the establishment of The Pittsburgh Academy. His vision for a great seat of learning west of the Alleghenies would eventually become the University of Pittsburgh. 

The Brackenridge Circle Recognition Celebration honors the new members of the Brackenridge Circle, a giving society established in 2010 and comprised of donors whose exceptional vision has inspired them to make planned gifts of $1 million or more toward the continued progress and success of the University of Pittsburgh.

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Karen Whitehead
Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship


2013 Brackenridge Circle Recognition Celebration     

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