Cathedral of Learning Society

The Cathedral of Learning Society pays tribute to those outstanding individuals who have given $1 million or more over their lifetime to the University of Pittsburgh. Induction into the Cathedral of Learning Society is among the highest honors the University bestows.


Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral of Learning Society Honor Roll

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these records, we encourage our readers to alert the Office of Institutional Advancement of any errors or omissions by calling 412-624-5800 or by e-mailing

Please note that "+" denotes that a donor is being honored posthumously.


Anonymous (7)

+Dr. W. Harry Archer & +Mrs. Louise E. Archer

+Lauren H. Ashe

+William R. Baierl

Bettye J. Bailey & +Ralph E. Bailey

+George J. Barco

+Yolanda G. Barco

Tina B. Bellet & David F. Bellet

William F. Benter

Leonard H. Berenfield & +Barbara G. Berenfield

+David Berg

+George Means Bevier & +Eva M. Bevier

Thomas G. Bigley, Trustee & Joan Bigley

+Edward J. Bigos

The Blaisdell Family

Herb & Grace Boyer

+Betty Howard Brenneman & +David E. Brenneman

Suzy Broadhurst & Jim Broadhurst

+Glen F. Brown

James J. Browne & Noel W. Browne

+Fred C. Bruhns, PhD & E. Maxine Bruhns

+Thomas E. Cadman, MD

+Virginia Campana

Gertrude Kalnow Chisholm & Homer D. W. Chisholm

+J. W. Connolly & +Shirley Connolly

Allen L. Cook

+Carroll H. "Beano" Cook

Frances M. Cost & Charles Louis Cost

Connie Curran & +John Curran, PhD

George Davidson Jr., Trustee & Ada Davidson

José Alberto de Camargo

Armand C. and Marilyn Dellovade

+William S. Dietrich II

+Helene B. Duratz

James J. Duratz

The Orville Eberly Family

Andrew E. and Diane T. Farkas

+Louise E. Ferguson & +Albert B. Ferguson Jr., MD

Mary Lou Ferguson

James R. Fitterling

Louis J. Fox, J.D. & Dorothy C. Fox

Ben L. Fryrear

Patrick A. Gallagher

+Ruth P. Gerber

+Anthony E. Gill

Drs. Renée K. & Richard M. Goldman

Mariann N. Goldstein & +Donald M. Goldstein, PhD

+David Goodman, MD

+Sarah F. Graf

+Richard F. Gregg & +May M. Gregg

Steven J. and Kathleen Guttman

Linda B. Haller & +Henry E. Haller Jr.

The Howard Hanna Family

+Drue Heinz

Robert Michael Hernandez, Trustee

+Henry L. Hillman & +Elsie H. Hillman

+Frank E. Jeffreys, DDS & +Dorothy T. Jeffreys

Ruth R. Jurenko & +John A. Jurenko

+Joseph M. Katz

+Marshall P. Katz & Wallis F. Katz

+Virginia Kaufman

+Doris Joan Koslow & +Joseph Koslow

+Dr. George Kozmetsky & The Kozmetsky Family

Paul E. Lego, Trustee & +Ann Sepety Lego

+Morton S. Lerner & +Bernice L. Lerner

+Edgar L. Levenson

+David J. Levidow

Ronald G. Linaburg, DMD, MS, & Judith K. Linaburg

Jane V. Love & +Howard M. Love

Lucine O. Marous & +John C. Marous Jr.

+Thomas Marshall

John C. Mascaro & Darlene D. Mascaro

+Norman G. Mathieson, MD

F. James McCarl III & Carol Ann McCarl

Richard E. McDowell, Ph.D. & Ruth M. McDowell

Gerald E. McGinnis & Audrey A. McGinnis

+Thomas H. McIntosh

McKamish Family

+Katherine Mabis McKenna

Catherine Q. McKinney

Larry and LeeAnn Merlo

+Lou Mervis & +Myra Mervis

Nancy Mickle & +Marlin H. Mickle, PhD

+Harbaugh Miller

+Russell P. Miller

The Millstein Family

Joyce Murtha & +The Honorable John P. Murtha, Jr.

Jack H. Olender & Lovell R. Olender

+Tom W. Olofson

Jeanne H. Olofson

+Leighton E. Orr & +Margaret W. Orr

+Arnold D. Palmer

+Frank J. Pasquerilla

Mark E. Pasquerilla

Stuart K. Patrick

Cathy J. & John H. Pelusi Jr., Trustee

+Gertrude E. Petersen & +John M. Petersen

Wesley C. Pickard & Jeanette A. Studley

+Carl F. Poke, PhD

Marian & +Harold A. Poling

+Harold W. Posner, DDS, & +Ilse F. Posner

+Henry Posner Jr., & +Helen Posner

Dorothy Raizman, Esquire & +Richard Raizman, MD

Bob Randall, Trustee & Rita Randall

+Lester Rice

+Paul Miller Rike, MD, & +Hazel Mae Snyder Rike

Clifford R. Rowe Jr. & Diane D. Rowe

+The Honorable J. Quint Salmon & +Anne Salmon

+Constance Salvitti & E. Ronald Salvitti, MD

J. Faye Sampson & +Myles D. Sampson Family

+Frank Sarris & Athena Sarris

David Scaife

Jennie Scaife

+Richard M. Scaife

David S. Shapira & Cynthia D. Shapira

Barbara S. Shear & Herb S. Shear, Trustee

Richard P. Simmons, Trustee

+Elva S. Smith

+Robert M. Smith & +Eunice B. Smith

+Pearl Snyder

Charles M. Steiner, Trustee & Rhoda Steiner

Lawrence D. Stern & Rebecca A. Stern

Janet L. Swanson

John A. Swanson, PhD, Trustee

+Jim Tafel

The Tansky Family

Marlene & David Tepper

+Lois Tack Thompson

Dick Thornburgh, Trustee & Ginny Thornburgh

+Keith R. Timlin

Steve Tritch, Trustee & Tami Tritch

+Horace M. Umberger

Thomas J. Usher, Trustee & Sandra L. Usher

Bethann Vanscoy & Gordon J. Vanscoy, PharmD, MBA, CACP

Peter C. Varischetti, Trustee & Sharon M. Varischetti

Nishan & Diana Vartabedian

Harvey Wagner & Leslie Wagner

+Christopher C. Walthour Jr.

Leo B. Wegemer & Teresa Y. Wegemer

Robert J. Weiss, MD, and Mary B. Weiss

+James R. West, PhD

The Wheeler Family

The Joseph and Ligia Wiegand Family Foundation

Margaret E. Wilkes & James Edward Wilkes

Kenneth R. Woodcock

George D. Zamias & Marianna Zamias